Why Test?

Eye Tests for Adults

As we get older, our vision can change and Presbyopia, or blurred near vision, affects everyone sooner or later, which is why having a regular Eye-Test is so important. It is recommended that you have your eyes tested at least once every 2 years, or more frequently if your Optician suggests.

As we age, our eyes become more pre-disposed to certain health problems, our thorough eye examinations can help pick up certain conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration and several other conditions.

These conditions if managed correctly can prevent sight loss in future. Management may include referral to your GP or other Eye Specialists.

We have a very thorough Eye Examination Process  at The Eye Zone, our Optician will take you through the process at our Ealing Optician practice, please contact us for more details or to arrange an appointment. 

Eye Tests for Children

Good vision is very important to children because so much of what they learn is taken in through their eyes and most infants and pre-school children have regular vision screening as part of their routine developmental checks. However, these checks are not as thorough as a full set of eye tests for children by a qualified optician.

The Eye Zone understands that learning difficulties can sometimes be caused by uncorrected vision problems, so the earlier they can be detected, the better the chance of correcting them. Therefore, we have several child-friendly eye test for children that can be undertaken, after which the Optician will discuss the results with you.

Children’s glasses are specifically designed to fit small faces. There are lots of features and special lenses you can choose to ensure their glasses fit comfortably and will survive the rough and tumble of a busy active life.

Rest assured we aim to meet both you and your children’s needs at every stage of our Eye Examination Process at our Ealing Optician practice, please contact us to discuss the details or to arrange an appointment.

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