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Your Eye Test Appointment

Everyone should have an eye examination at least once every two years as it is a vital health check. When you visit us at The Eye Zone, we will look after you step by step in your Eye Care journey. To help you understand your Eye Test, we have outlined the stages below:

1. Welcome

We will ensure that your confidential customer record is accurate and up-to-date. If you are wearing contact lenses, you may need to remove them before your eyes are tested.

2. Pre-examination Test

Using a Tonometer, we will assess the Intra-Ocular pressure of your eyes. This is important, as high pressure can indicate the early stages of glaucoma, a sight-damaging condition.

The autorefractor takes an electronic measurement of how well your eyes focus and gives the optometrist an indication of your prescription.

3. Your Health and Lifestyle

The optometrist will ask you a series of questions about your health, your family’s health, your work and your lifestyle, to gain a clear understanding of your vision needs.

4. The Eye Test

Our Optometrist will carry out a thorough eye examination using various instruments and techniques to determine the most accurate prescription for your needs and assess the ocular health.

Ocular health can give an indication as to your general health and can pick up conditions such as High Cholesterol, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure.

5. Visual Field Analyser

This is an important check which allows us to pick up any blind spots in your field of vision. This is very important if you have Headaches, Glaucoma or have had a stroke.

Currently,we are the accredited centre for DVLA and carry out visual fields examination on their behalf in Ealing. DVLA may request for this examination prior to issuing a UK driving licence.

6. Discussing Your Needs

Our Optometrist will discuss with you the findings of your eye test and also answer any questions that you may have. If the Optometrist feels you will have clearer vision with a change of prescription, they will explain the reason and advise on the best options for you.

7. Choosing Your Glasses

Your Optometrist will handover their findings and recommendations to a dispenser, who will spend time with you, in helping you to select a suitable frame and lenses.

We will endeavour to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase, making your eye care journey a pleasant experience.


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