There’s far more to glasses than just Frames and Lenses

At The Eye Zone we offer a wide selection of optics-related accessories – all those little things that will make your life with glasses or contact lenses that much simpler:

Cords & Chains

Never lose track of your glasses again! Whether you’re looking for a discrete way of making sure you’re glasses are never far away, or a stylish fashion statement to go with your new frame, we’ve got it – from simple, comfortable nylon cords to elastic sports- and kids versions, from simple, unassuming chains to elaborate necklaces – there’s a cord for everyone!

Spare Cases for Glasses and Contact Lenses

Lost or damaged your case? No reason to panic. We are well-stocked with good, sturdy cases for both glasses and contact lenses, should you need a spare.

Ready-made Reading Glasses & Prescription Swim Goggles

While we would always recommend that you have proper lenses made up to your prescription, we understand that sometimes circumstances leave you needing a new pair in a pinch. For that reason, you will always find us well stocked on ready made reading glasses in a variety of styles and powers, with prices starting from as low as £14 – perfect for when you need a pair of reading glasses, and you need them now.

Due to popular demand, we are now also stocking ready-made prescription swim goggles for most common prescriptions – check in to see if we have yours!

Cleaning Products

We cannot stress enough the importance of using proper cleaning products to clean and maintain your glasses – you’d be surprised at the difference it makes! (No lens in the world will help you see when they’re dirty) Whether you like the traditional cloth and spray, or prefer the very popular pre-packaged one-time wipes, we offer a range of high-quality cleaning products to choose from.

Temple Covers for Glasses

Got a frame that’s just a little too big for you? Arms that have gone wider from wear and tear, or maybe they’re just a bit too hard on your temples? If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, we have just the thing for you: Temple covers made from soft silicone, that fits snugly over the arms of any frame. We’ll even help you put them on!

Eye Health Products

From eye drops to eye masks, we have everything you’ll need to treat every day problems like dry or irritated eyes, blepharitis, inflammations, styes and more.

…and More!

Need an eye patch or a magnifying glass? Perhaps a screwdriver suited for glasses? We have all of the above, and much, much more – and you’re always welcome in to have a look! 

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