Enhancing Eye Health

Eye care or eye health is something that most people don’t dwell upon too much. As long as people are seeing normally and have no eye problems, they don’t spend a whole lot of time worrying about their eyes.

But just wait until they get something in their eye like a bent eyelash or a speck of dust and their whole world comes to a crashing halt until the problem is relieved.

Everyone should take some time and thought to realise that they can take some simple precautions to maintain their eye care health. Thinking ahead can go a long way toward preserving one of the most precious bodily functions that we have.

One very simple thing to do is to always wear safety glasses when we are involved in any hazardous situation that might endanger our eyes. Such activities as mowing the lawn, trimming branches and normal yard work can prove dangerous for our eyes.

Sports activities such as golf, baseball, soccer and tennis involve fast moving objects that can injure the eye without warning. It only takes one blow to alter a person’s life forever.

Some occupations require safety glasses if there is flying metal or industrial particles that could lodge in the eye and cause injury.

Spending time outdoors in the sunshine is a recommended activity for everyone, but too much time in the sun can be harmful to our eyes. UV rays have the propensity over time to be harmful to the eye so it is smart to wear the properly rated sunglasses that will block the UV rays when we are out.

Watching television while sitting too close to the TV set is harmful to the eyes for the same reason. A reasonable distance to sit away from the TV is five to ten feet.

An annual eye test with and eye care professional is recommended for everyone in order to promote good eye health. The Optician can examine the eyes and determine if there is any injury or disease present. The Optician will look for signs of glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration for example.

The Optician will probably dilate the eyes which lets more light into the eye and allows a more thorough examination of the back of the retina. It is easier for the Optician to spot any abnormalities this way.

The Optician recommendations may include glasses or corrective lenses in order to facilitate reading, driving and other activities. There is a safety factor in being able to see properly as we go about our business and our daily lives.

The eyes are one of our five senses. When taking a survey people stated that the most important of the five senses was their sight. Taking care of our eyes and our vision should be a high priority. It takes just a little foresight to protect and preserve our eyes in all areas of life, work and play.
It does not take much time at all to do this. People just need to form habits and procedures and everything falls into place. Think ahead and excellent eye care health will be the result.